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Wild Oak Tree Service Pflugerville is a family-owned tree service with over 25-years of experience caring for the natural landscape of communities in Pflugerville & Travis counties. Our goal is to provide exceptional tree service to all residential and commercial clients looking to maintain or improve the natural surroundings of their homes and businesses.

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Reliable and fast on time


Wild Oak Tree Service Pflugerville's crew made my family happy. The service was prompt and the job was completed faster than I imagined.


Great Service


Excellent and professional people. They were a pleasure to have around. Mike was always keeping me updated as to their progress.


Very Professional

They had the tree removed the same day the tree fell. They did such a good job, we hired them to remove other dead trees

Wild Oak Tree Service Pflugerville specializes in the proper maintenance of all types of trees. Call Us Today For All Your Tree Service Needs.

Certified Arborists

A Certified Arborist in Pflugerville is a professional that has many years of experience and formal training. We guarantee that all of our projects are managed by a Certified Arborist for your protection and piece of mind.

Safest Tree Removal Methods

We always use the SAFEST tree removal methods for your property's safety, to ensure efficiency, and to promote safety! We strive to save every tree we can, but sometimes tree removal is necessary.

Expert Tree Service

We are a local family owned and operated tree service and tree care company in Pflugerville, TX. We give you the promise of our hard work, dedication, and decades of expert experience.

Happiness Guaranteed

We provide professional and affordable tree care for our clients. We’d love the opportunity to work with you and show why our exceptional service sets us apart from the rest.

Wild Oak Pflugerville Tree Service

We are a professional tree service Pflugerville provider working with Pflugerville residents to make sure that their homes have functional, healthy, safe, and aesthetically appealing trees. Our highly motivated team is extremely passionate about making sure that each tree in Pflugerville, Texas is adding value to both commercial and residential properties.

Backed by years of experience, our team of ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) certified arborists is capable of offering all types of tree services. In the past, some of the tree care services we have offered in Pflugerville include tree removal, emergency tree services, stump removal, trimming, pruning, and much more.

To ensure that every tree service in Pflugerville is handled perfectly, we have invested in the right tree care gear and equipment. From saving trees from pests and diseases to restoring their shape and eliminating safety hazards, our team of professional tree service providers is capable of offering every tree service.

Why You Should Hire Our Professional Tree Service in Pflugerville Providers

Looking at a tree, it is easy to assume that tree care services such as trimming, pruning, etc. are simple. This, however, is not the case for most tree services. If you do not have tree service experience and the right tree care gear, attempting to prune or trim a tree could result in fatal falls and permanent injuries. Additionally, you may end up damaging your home/property or damaging the tree itself.

Treating injuries resulting from a fatal fall from a tree can cost a lot of money. If you damage your home when attempting various tree care services, you may have to spend thousands of dollars to fix the damage. If you make a mistake and destroy your tree irreparably, you may have to replace the tree.

Some of the reasons Pflugerville residents work with professional tree care providers include:

  • Experience – After offering tree services for years, tree care providers become familiar with the various issues that affect trees and how to fix them. For example, when pruning trees near power lines or a house, they will know how to lower the branches down slowly to avoid causing any damage.
  • Knowledge – Professional arborists know the corrective measures that work for various pests and diseases. When working with tree service providers, you can be sure that the tree’s health will be restored.
  • Tools – Tree service providers usually have all the tools needed for all tree care services. Additionally, the tree service providers will have enough experience handling these tools. This means that they can easily handle even the most sophisticated tree services.

Professional Pflugerville Tree Services

Our goal is to ensure that every Pflugerville resident receives the best tree care. Our ISA-certified arborists are more than qualified to investigate all types of trees, determine what is wrong, and come up with a solution that offers the best results quickly.

In addition to helping you with pests and disease issues, we also offer the following tree services:

  • Tree removal
  • Emergency tree care service
  • Stump removal
  • Tree pruning
  • Tree trimming

Our tree service in Pflugerville rates are affordable to Pflugerville residents. To make sure that our clients get the correct price approximate, we investigate trees before quoting the tree service price.

If you are wondering what each tree care service we have mentioned above means, we will take a deeper look at the above services.

Pflugerville Tree Removal

We recommend tree removal as a last solution for Pflugerville residents. For example, we recommend this option if we see the tree cannot be saved or there is a possibility of it turning into a safety hazard.

Our team is capable of removing both small and big trees. In addition to having an experienced tree removal team, we have invested in tree removal gear. This guarantees you that we can remove the tree quickly and easily without causing any damage to your home.

Pflugerville Tree Trimming

For any tree we trim in Pflugerville, our customers enjoy the following benefits:

  • Better air circulation
  • Improved exposure to sunlight
  • Improved structure and appearance
  • Improved view
  • Opened-up property

Our Pflugerville tree trimming team works with homeowners to make sure they achieve the look they want on every tree. Always willing to consider and implement your suggestions, our team only leaves your home after ensuring that you are 100% satisfied.

Pflugerville Tree Pruning

When working with us, it does not matter whether the trees you would like to prune are in close proximity with utilities or they are in the backyard where accessibility is limited. Our team can trim any tree irrespective of the tree situation.
Some of the reasons Pflugerville residents work with our tree pruners include:

  • To eliminate tree hazards
  • Improve tree health
  • Stimulate or suppress tree growth

Our arborists will inspect your trees and recommend the branches that should be cut off during the pruning. This ensures that only the right limbs are removed.

Pflugerville Emergency Tree Removal

It is not uncommon for previously safe trees to become unsafe. For example, a lightning strike can easily destabilize a tree, turning it into a hazard. When this happens, the tree should be removed as soon as possible to avoid property damage or possible injuries.

Our Pflugerville tree removal services are always willing to work outside the normal working hours just to make sure that you are safe. If your tree has been turned into a safety hazard by a storm, simply reach out to us and we will be there as soon as possible to help you remove it before it inflicts damages worth thousands of dollars on your Pflugerville home.

Pflugerville Arborist Services

Our team of arborists is dedicated to ensuring that every tree in Pflugerville is healthy, good-looking, and functional. To achieve this, the team offers the following services:

  • Tree planting – After inspecting the climatic and soil conditions on your property, our arborists will recommend the tree varieties that can perform best. They will also take you through the process of planting these trees.
  • Health care – After investigating pest-infested or diseased trees, our arborist team will recommend a treatment procedure that makes your tree healthy as soon as possible.
  • Pruning – Our arborists will make sure that only the right branches have been cut off during pruning.

Other services generally offered by our team of arborists include:

  • Hazard assessment
  • Coming up with an ideal tree protection plan ahead of construction activities happening close to the tree.

Our team of arborists is not limited to offering the services mentioned above. We can handle all tree issues. Once you reach out to us, we will send a professional to analyze your trees, determine the main issue, and offer a solution that works for that specific problem.

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