Home Service Direct Launches Our New Tree Service Website

by | May 20, 2022 | Tree Services

After years of not taking advantage of internet leads, we finally decided to collaborate with Home Service Direct to create our new website. The new website went live yesterday and our team just finished reviewing it.

The website combines all the features that make a website stand out positively. The features that stood out most for our team during the review process include:

The Website Loads Fast

With average internet connection speed, a homeowner will be able to load our new website in less than 2 seconds. This is quite impressive considering people are too busy nowadays and waiting 10 seconds for a website to load is no longer an option.

The Website is Already Optimized for Google

The goal of creating the new website was to ensure our tree service business is getting leads online. There is no better way to leverage online leads than to have our website popping up on the first page of Google’s results page. Home Service Direct has included keywords related to our services on the website.

The Website is Mobile Friendly

Home Service Direct did not just create a beautiful website. Its team also ensured the website loads perfectly on both mobile devices and desktop computers. With the most vital features being easily accessible irrespective of the device viewing the website, ordering tree service procedures will be easy for all homeowners.

Service Ordering Form

Our website makes the process of ordering tree service procedures extremely easy. Our customers will just need to fill out a simple form that requests their name and contact details and allows them to select the services they need. Once they hit the submit button, the customers will be getting an email immediately letting them know that their request has been received.

Easy Navigation

Our website has multiple pages, with each page describing the services we offer. Customers do not have to struggle to access these pages. Home Service Direct made the navigation menu very easy to use.

Security Protocols

When planning the new website, one of our main goals was to ensure when homeowners are entering their contact details, they feel safe. We wanted them to know that no hacker can access their vital information.

Using modern security protocols, Home Service Direct implemented top-tier data privacy. The details entered on the service request form are encrypted on transit and in our database. This ensures no one can access this information.

Copy That Inspires Action

The content on our website is designed in a way that convinces homeowners that we are the best tree service company. This will work extremely well for us since the information will inspire action from our website visitors.

We feel our new website is a result of expert design and development. The website will serve both the company’s needs and the needs of our customers. To see how effective the new website is, be sure to click around. Explore the different options on the navigation menu and even try out the service ordering form.

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