Trim or Remove Trees & Shrubs

by | Feb 26, 2019 | Tree Services

Most Austin property owners use shrubs and trees to ensure that their properties are both functional and aesthetically appealing. To retain the best look on your property, regular trimming and the removal of shrubs and trees that have reached their growth potential is necessary.

For you to trim or remove trees shrubs, you will have to spend money. The amount you spend often varies depending on various factors. Below, we will look at the factors that usually affect the amount of money you need to pay to trim or remove trees shrubs.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Trimming or Removing Trees and Shrubs

1.    Tree/Shrub Type

Different types of shrubs and trees will have varying sizes and root systems. To trim or remove trees shrubs featuring a bigger size and more complicated root systems, you may have to pay more money. After investigating your trees and shrubs, professional tree service providers should be able to offer an ideal cost for each plant.

2.    Tree Height

To trim or remove trees shrubs featuring an above-average height, tree service providers often have to use special tools. Additionally, bigger trees are generally riskier to work on. For these reasons, bigger trees and shrubs cost more compared to smaller plants.

3.    Power Lines

If you wish to trim or remove trees shrubs located close to power lines, you may have to deal with a higher cost. This is because the tree service providers may have to rope down the branches to keep them from falling on the power lines.

4.    Felled Wood

The amount of wood you get from a tree depends on the tree size. Bigger trees will have more wood while smaller trees will have less wood. For smaller jobs, the tree service provider may be willing to get rid of the wood for free. However, if there is a lot of wood to remove, you may have to pay to get the service providers to remove the wood.

If you would like to use the wood as firewood, you may have to pay additional money to cut and split the wood. You can, however, avoid cutting and splitting costs by handling these activities yourself.

Stump Grinding/Removal

Once you remove trees shrubs, the next thing you will have to deal with is the tree stump. If ignored, stumps turn into hazards. Once they get covered by overgrowth, they turn into tripping hazards and they can easily destroy your yard maintenance tools, including the lawnmower.

You can opt to remove the stumps completely or grind them. Grinding is generally more affordable and is usually preferred by most homeowners. In some instances – for example, if you need to place a house foundation where the tree stump is – stump grinding may not work. If stump grinding is not a viable option, you may have to invest in complete stump removal.

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